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What's your wish? More health, more freedom, more happiness? Tonight a wave of shooting stars will put your wishes within reach as they blaze across the night sky clearly visible against a rare Black Moon. Step outside and make a wish… for a better feeling body, a life filled with more energy and less stress, a way to feel like yourself again. Then act: come join us for hot yoga. Plus Migun massage, meditation, a Yoga Renewal in Florence Italy – this is all about the yoga of self-care. You're new to hot yoga? We'd love to meet you. Choose from two INTRO SPECIALS: 3 hot yoga classes or Private 1:1 Hot Yoga sessions. Our hot SUMMER SPECIALS are like shooting stars – spectacular, then gone! Because you wished for a way to take better care of yourself and your time is NOW. Welcome to Riverflow Yoga, CLICK OUR LINK FOR INTRO SPECIALS or call me to register 848-702-5271 NOW