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About Us

Welcome to Riverflow Yoga

There’s more to hot yoga than heat

It starts with a hot attitude: you can do this.

You are never too old, too stiff, or too late to change your body

To appreciate and enjoy your body.

Hot yoga will take you there.

Our teachers will guide you to the Sweet Spots in each hot yoga pose and suddenly you feel like Gumby: strong, flexed, relaxed.

That feeling will last all day, into the next day

Do hot yoga consistently and you’ll experience the body you never knew you had but always wanted. There are no words to describe how hot that is.

Add the Magic of Migun

Migun is an FDA approved therapy table that delivers 15 minutes of deep tissue acupressure and total bliss. Do it before hot yoga to warm up; do it after hot yoga to melt away. It takes little time but the results are FDA proven to soothe aches, pains, ailments, even chronic conditions, big time.

“My first hot yoga class I spent mostly lying down in Savasana. By Trikonasana I was convinced that I was dying. By Ustrana I KNEW I was dying…but I came back. The next class I made it through and by the third class I didn’t need to lie down. Eight years later I took Riverflow Yoga Teacher Training so now I practice and teach hot yoga… and I take half the anxiety meds. “

Paula Robinson

“I’ve been at Riverflow Yoga since it opened 10 years ago, three times a week. Recently I missed some classes – I thought I could just skip classes, no problem…. but I was surprised: I felt different not doing hot yoga regularly. I’m sticking with it.”


“I started doing hot yoga at Riverflow to get a good sweaty workout. I got that – but then I felt calmer, my posture straightened up…I got more than I bargained for. I am enjoying this hot yoga a lot more than I ever thought!”

Denise Nardi