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Migun Therapy Bed Pain Relief

Migun Magic

Frankly, Migun is a miracle.

Migun is an FDA-approved Class II medical device designed to treat pain from acute and chronic conditions…and it is so much more.

Its deep far infrared heat increases circulation, penetrating up to 3 inches deep into the body and allowing Migun to work at the cellular level to gently detoxify the body, stabilize metabolism, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and anxiety…and so much more

Migun reduces pain and it improves, restores, maintains and maximizes range of motion, functional strength and overall well-being by addressing the underlying source of many conditions.

Your best results come with regular Migun use

We’ve offered the Migun Therapy Bed at Riverflow Yoga for over 10 years and scores of our members report a wide range of positive results.

Everyone feels the Migun difference instantly.

Most people have powerful results after 2 to 4 weeks, and it just keeps building.

Chronic conditions may take 1 to 3 months to significantly improve, but people feel relief after each and every Migun session from conditions including:

Back pain
Bulging disks
Chronic fatigue
Shoulder pain
Knee pain
Wound healing
Text neck

Neck pain
Residual pain from chemotherapy
Foot pain
Sports injuries
Residual pain from prior injuries
Chronic pain
Arthritis (including rheumatoid)

Studies show that MIGUN has also improved:

Blood pressure regulation
Blood glucose type 2 diabetes

Skin disorders
Range of motion
Energy levels
Immune system
Menstrual pain

The Results Are In!

“Health professionals rated Migun’s thermomechanical therapy effective among 75% – 95% of their patients with a variety of musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, neurological and other disorders.” Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, Oct. 2003

“Severe left neck pain when I came in. Could not turn my neck left or right, ready to take a pain pill! Pain scale level 1-10 I was an 8! Thirty minutes on the bed, NO pain! None! I am so amazed! Thank you so much for this therapy!”

“Before I used the bed, I was stiff with arthritis pain. I would lock up from sitting 15 minutes. After using the bed, I feel no pain, or stiffness. My stress is less! This therapy is soothing and helpful.”

“I was a nurse for 20 years plus and I was injured on the job 15 years ago. I have seen everyone – therapists, doctors, used medicines, tens units, everything. Nothing worked. I was in daily pain to the point I could not pull up my own pants. I’m young and was scared it would get worse. A friend told me about the bed, I thought, ‘Sure, nothing else works.’ She pushed me until I came in. I was in tears before my visit, I was in so much pain. After two visits I can lift my arm again. I sleep and work and feel great. Thank you for this rescue.”

“After 8 years of shoulder pain with numbness in fingers and thumb, and 5 years of chronic knee pain, five sessions have resulted in restored feeling in fingers and thumb and a pain-free knee. Wonderful experience.”

“46 years-old, 16 months of use, 4 times a week…
Lost 22 lbs in first 6 weeks
Less frequent urination immediately
Longer periods of sleep and better energy immediately
More stable moods from 6 weeks on 
Pain-free and meds-free from 3 months on (degenerative discs)
Slipped L5 disc; used  3x times in one day and disc went back in
Strong nails, clear skin and eyes…
…very frequently asked, ‘what are you doing different?’

Now it’s time for you to experience the Migun difference

We find that Migun works its best magic when combined with hot yoga, before or after a yoga class, and sometimes both!

Migun sessions can be 15, 30 or 45 minutes and customized to your needs.

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