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“I didn’t start out being able to do all 26 poses, but the supportive, non-competitive community at Riverflow Yoga gave me the space I needed to push myself at my own pace to go far beyond where I ever thought I would be! It’s a warm, inviting atmosphere and the teachers weave in messages about beauty and balance which brings me back to center, and stays with me far beyond my time in the room. Thank you for letting me brag on Riverflow Yoga; it’s my sanctuary! “

Janice Palumbo

“I live in New York but when I come to Lambertville to visit family here, I always come to hot yoga at Riverflow Yoga. There is no other studio like it – I feel at home here. It’s a real community and it’s by far my favorite yoga space.”

Lisa Brady

“I started Private Guru Hot Yoga at Riverflow looking for strength, flexibility and peace. I was struggling to find a medicine-free way to manage. Hot Yoga has done it for me: my Guru sessions are a combination of yoga and daily inspiration. Hot Yoga helped me navigate my body and mind to make room for inner peace I’d been craving… now I crave Hot Yoga!”

Andi Gruba

Our Community

Welcome to Our Warm
Hot Yoga Community

What if you could write a whole new story about your body?

What would that story be?

Would you want energy that doesn’t quit on you midday?

Strength to climb mountains, literally and figuratively?

Flexibility to hike and surf and cycle and climb, even as you age?

It’s time for you to become your priority.

Your health, your attitude, your choice.

You can have it all.

This Riverflow Yoga community of teachers and students are here for you, working it just like you.

We see that every time you step into our studio, you’re stepping up your game.

The game of being empowered.

You’re becoming someone who sleeps through the night and wakes up ready for the day.

Someone who gives all to the work they love and still has plenty of fuel for family, friends, and alone-time.

You’re next chapter is called, My Best-Feeling Life

Welcome to Riverflow Yoga.