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What if you could write a whole new story about your body?

What would that story be?

Would you want a body that feels strong and flexible?

A body that supports you with energy that doesn’t quit on you midday? A body that can climb mountains, literal and figurative? A body that can hike and surf and ride and play sports, all the activities you love, even as you age?

It’s time for your health, your wellness, your body to be your priority

Hot yoga can do it all.

Our supportive Riverflow Yoga community of teachers and yoga students are all here for you, all working on goals just like you

We see that best version of you

That person wakes up eager for the day and sleeps peacefully through the night.

The person feels enthusiasm for work, patience for family, love for herself…

That’s who you are, at your best.

Let’s bring you back to life

“I can hardly believe it – just two months ago I had to ask my husband to help me put my socks on! I’ve been a pet groomer for 20 years, and I’ve always had big problems with my back, especially in the last 11 years. I went through many chiropractic treatments and a very good deep tissue massage therapist which was all just helping me keep moving and working. Well, the very first morning after my first hot yoga class, I got up out of bed with less pain in my back. After only 6 or 7 hot yoga classes and one Migun Massage, my whole body felt a lot less stiff. Yes, I am amazed! I can’t wait to see myself in a half year!”

Oksana Veneditov

“I didn’t start out being able to do all 26 poses, but the supportive, non-competitive community at Riverflow Yoga gave me the space I needed to push myself at my own pace to go far beyond where I ever thought I would be! It’s a warm, inviting atmosphere and the teachers weave in messages about beauty and balance which brings me back to center, and stays with me far beyond my time in the room. Thank you for letting me brag on Riverflow Yoga; it’s my sanctuary! “

Janice Palumbo


“I live in New York but when I come to Lambertville to visit family here, I always come to hot yoga at Riverflow Yoga. There is no other studio like it – I feel at home here. It’s a real community and it’s by far my favorite yoga space.”

Lisa Brady

“Hot yoga at Riverflow has become a happy and healthy habit for me. I feel great- more flexible and energetic. The soreness in my neck from business travel has gone away. The teachers offer great instruction and a true passion for health and wellness. I really enjoy and look forward to it.”

Tamara Caponegro

“I jumped into hot yoga at Riverflow almost two years ago, never having done it. I added Guru Hot Yoga and without a doubt, it pulled everything together. Doing yoga one-to-one made me feel safe to open up and focus without comparing my poses to others. Love the feeling I get: freedom, expansion, happiness. By way I also experienced bliss on the Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal in Italy, and then went on to hot yoga teacher training at Riverflow!”

Amy Raditz