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Because You Deserve To Feel Good

There are many hot yoga teacher trainings out there…

Only one is designed to make you a great hot yoga teacher in the studio…and blissful warrior in your life.

Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training is an experience that will teach you, transform you, and inspire you…

Are you ready to feel empowered?

Because You Want To Feel Authentic

Hot yoga is a most physically challenging yoga practice. And you love it.

Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training takes that challenge to the next step: empowering your life

Part Hot Yoga Teacher Training, part Happiness and Self Empowerment Coaching, Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training is a different kind of journey that will change you from bones to skin in ways you didn’t expect and couldn’t imagine

Fasten your seat belts.

Because You Want to Be Inspired

During Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training, you’ll dive deep into hot yoga

You’ll get under the surface of hot yoga and uncover its treasures

You’ll challenge everything you think you know about hot yoga

You’ll find new ways of thinking about your life, and inspiring others to do the same.

Because You Want to Uplift Others

Throughout Teacher Training you’ll be supported by mentors and teachers in our yoga community. And when you complete Blissful Warrior Hot Yoga Teacher Training, you’ll be standing in a whole new place in your yoga practice and your life:

You’ll understand how to live life deliberately
You’ll know how to get “unstuck”
You’ll make decisions with confidence
You’ll find energy for everything
You’ll feel strong and balanced
You’ll accept yourself, respect yourself, love yourself as you are and always expect more

Because You Want to Know Yourself

If you’ve ever felt disinterested about things that used to excite you…

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by circumstances you can’t control …

If you’ve ever felt vague dissatisfaction with what is all around you…

You are resisting a change that’s due in your life.

In my 45 years teaching yoga and training yoga teachers I’ve met thousands of students and the truth is, most people are magnificent… but they don’t live like it.

We all manage a multitude of life changes – new careers, ongoing health issues, marriage and divorce and remarriage, raising children and caring for aging parents, We scale an entire universe of emotional and physical transitions but for most people, change remains a stressful experience . The paradox is, because change is part of every life every single day, we feel constantly overwhelmed. That leads to discouragement, dissatisfaction, depression and eventually, disease

What if you could learn how to move into change with a sense of delight?

How different would your life feel if you believed that when things “don’t work out,” they are actually unfolding?

Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training is about leveraging hot yoga to uplift you, support you, revive your spirit and relieve your stress – and guide others to do the same.

Because You Want To Know Everything About Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga Asana

Learn to teach the 26+ poses including the inside secrets of each asana that propel you into deeper benefits

Yoga Teaching Methodology

Scripting, sequencing, timing, guiding a hot yoga class

Teacher Presence
Developing teacher confidence and poise
Yoga Ethics
Teaching with passion and compassion; balancing student care with self care
Yoga Workshops
Special focus on asana, meditation, energies and deeper aspects
Special Topics
The latest in yoga for physical and emotional health
Student Support
Handling ailments, issues, adjustments and emergencies
Yoga Anatomy
An experiential understanding of anatomy in asanas
Beyond Asana
Chakras, Koshas, 8 Limbs: under the surface of yoga
Yoga and Happiness
Your self-empowerment beyond the yoga studio
Yoga Teaching Practicum
The practical art of teaching yoga

One-on-one coaching and group support

Is There More? Always.
Each Blissful Warrior Hot Yoga Teacher Training is uniquely shaped by you: your discussions, your interests, your questions and answers inspire this ever-expanding format

Because You Want To Feel Decisive

A practical understanding of Law of Attraction
A deeper sense of appreciation for life
A renewed sense of confidence in your choices
A feeling of satisfaction with what is while looking forward with joy
A deeper understanding of how to truly inspire people
A multitude of ways to soothe, heal and challenge yourself

Because You Have My Guarantee

Here’s my guarantee: if within 10 days prior to the start of this Teacher Training you’re not convinced that this is your next step to becoming a great hot yoga teacher, you’ll get a full refund (minus $99 cancellation fee). No questions. No hassles. My guarantee is my confidence in this Teacher Training…and in you. If you’re excited to find out more, take our Questionnaire!

Because We Have Answers

How long is Blissful Warrior Hot Yoga Teacher Training?

16-20 weeks

Where do we meet?
We meet live online, one to two nights weekly after work. Days and times TBD. Join our Teacher Training sessions from the comfort of your living room, office, even on vacation.
What is required of me during teacher training?
  • Be enthusiastic and open
  • Attend 2 hot yoga classes/week (DISCOUNT UNLIMITED CLASSES)
  • Actively participate in all live online meetings/coaching sessions/discussions/workshops/etc
  • Complete and submit all Teacher Training assignments on time
  • Participate actively in our weekly Forum Discussions
  • Be supportive of other Teacher Trainees
  • Support your Accountability Partner
  • Demonstrate full understanding of the 26 asanas hot yoga sequence
  • Demonstrate capability in teaching hot 26 yoga
  • Present a Final Yoga Project

We are recognized by The Yoga Alliance, Upon successful completion of Blissful Warrior Hot Yoga Teacher Training you are qualified for designation as a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200 from The Yoga Alliance

It’s time…

Allow your best self to unfold.

Discover your deep strength.

Benefit from your hot yoga practice on a new level.

Becoming a hot yoga teachers is a transformative process that will empower you in more ways than you think possible.

For you, hot yoga is already so much more than physical…

Teaching hot yoga makes your practice – and your life – feel bolder, brighter, more deeply understood.

Get ready to see  a more vibrant, more confident, more grounded You looking into your eyes from the clarity of your mirror.

The You who was there all along…

It’s time for that person to shine.

Let’s begin this journey, together.

Because You’re Finally Ready…

Blissful Warrior Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Space is Limited

Early Registration Discounts Expire

Other Rules and Limits May Apply