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The Blissful Warrior Yoga Renewal


What I’m getting ready to share isn’t for everyone.
Right now I’m talking to just one person
You know that person well…
You look in the mirror but you don’t recognize yourself.
Your body feels sluggish…
Your mind is unfocused…
You’re drained at the end of the day but you don’t sleep well.
Still, you have big dreams.
You want to travel.
You want to be present for family and friends.
Most of all, you want time for yourself.
You don’t just want to get through the day,
You want to enjoy all the days of your life.
Can you have it all?
The real question is: why would you ever settle for less?

What is Bliss?

Bliss is not about your finances, your job, or your Facebook status.
Bliss is about your attitude.
A Blissful Warrior Renewal is not about changing your body; it’s about
loving it.
It’s not about eating a better diet; it’s about nourishing yourself.
It’s not about striving to be better; it’s about appreciating how great you are.

How To Reclaim Your Body, Your Mind, Your Life?

Can you really just push the RESET button on your life?
As a yoga teacher for more than 50 years, I’m here to tell you:
You CAN.
Where to begin?
Right where you are.
Open your mind to this journey.
A Blissful Warrior Renewal is not a typical vacation, tour or yoga retreat.
It doesn’t take place on a bus with a checklist of sightseeing stops.
It takes place in your heart.
It’s not about running away from your life;
It’s about a life of renewed enthusiasm.
Because you’re not interested in just another vacation that returns you home to the same old grind.
You’re ready for a whole new Renewal.

Welcome to Your Renewal

The Blissful Warrior Yoga Renewal is a journey to reclaim a life you were meant to love. With yoga, meditation, adventures and surprises, you’ll explore your inner landscape, in a land far from home.


Immerse yourself in art, music, poetry, the sumptuousness of this region
Dive deeply into yoga and meditation and regain your balance
Try new things, take time for yourself, enjoy the moments
Be quiet and hear your inner guidance
Savor foods that feed your body and soothe your soul
Learn to unburden your stress and travel lighter in life
Reclaim a strong body, a clear mind, and a joyful spirit

What is Blissful Travel?

The Blissful Warrior Renewal is small-group travel in ways large tour groups can’t.
We change course, take an unexpected turn, wander off the beaten path.
It’s about going with the flow with plenty of time for dolce far niente:
the sweetness of doing nothing:
Lingering over dinner…
Sipping morning espresso…
Getting lost and finding our way home…
Exploring the art of shopping…
Enjoying an evening stroll to discover a city transformed by night
What will you discover?
Your renewed enthusiasm.

A Blissful Warrior Renewal is an intimate journey

We know that a Renewal is not right for everyone….
And The Blissful Warrior Renewal is limited in space and availability.
If you’re excited to travel beyond the typical,
To be restored in ways that will remain after you’ve returned home,
If you’re ready to find your personal sense of Renewal.
You may be feeling this call to journey far from boundaries
And break free of whatever has been holding you back.

What Is A Blissful Itinerary?

Sometimes the best itinerary is one with lots of space…

The Blissful Warrior Renewal is a journey in allowing things to unfold. Things like:

YOGA AND MEDITATION: Opening your body and mind

INSIGHTFUL DISCUSSIONS: Inspired by Rhonda’s book, The Blissful Warrior, to embrace a life of ease and joy

PERSONAL ADVENTURES: time to wander and explore on your own

GROUP ACTIVITIES: Dive into art, culture, nature, and more together

SURPRISES:  find yourself at an impromptu opera, an art lesson, singing with a band, viewing a sunset from a Medieval tower, savoring a wine and olive oil tasting….who knows? Are you up for finding out?


7 days/7 nights at Palazzo San Niccolo, a renovated Renaissance palace located in a quiet neighborhood across the famous Ponte Vecchio. Double occupancy apartments with private or shared bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, fully stocked kitchenette, dining room and balcony. Common rooms for yoga, group gatherings, outdoor gardens. Ancient elegance and modern comfort.
2 meals daily of Italian home cooking, gourmet epicurean delights and delightful restaurants. Plus a 24 hour refrigerator stocked with regional specialties. Always room for more, and no room for guilt.
From day trips in Tuscany to magical experiences right outside your front door, each day unfolds with surprise and adventure. Take your time exploring, enjoying, engaging with Italy.

What Are Blissful Activities?

Each Renewal is unique. Here’s some of what we’ve experienced:

  • A day with Michelangelo
  • A private house concert and jam session
  • A sunset cycle through the Tuscan hillside
  • A wine pairing lesson
  • A homemade meal in a Tuscan farmhouse
  • An Italian Opera in a Rennaisance church
  • A guided bike tour through Florence 
  • A spa detox day
  • A walking meditation in ancient Italian gardens
  • A change of plans, of heart, of mind

Where Are Blissful Accommodations?

Across the Ponte Vecchio and off the beaten path is the neighborhood of palazzos, gardens, museums and churches: Diladdarno
This is our home in Florence.
Palazzo San Niccolo, a renovated Renaissance palace of beautifully appointed apartments, located on a peaceful street across from a gothic church, around the corner from an award winning pizzeria, at the foot of  Piazzale Michelangelo, with its spectacular sunset view over the Arno, and San Miniato al Monte, the oldest church in Florence.
Each apartment is double occupancy with bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, sitting room and balcony. Gather in the large breakfast lounge, the spacious outdoor gardens, the private yoga studio for early morning and late evening yoga and meditation,
Outside the Palazzo explore handmade artisan shops,  jewelry stores and perfumeries, leather goods and original art. Nightclubs, gourmet coffee houses, and the best restaurants in Florence are all on these cobblestone streets.
Ancient secrets. Modern amenities. Palazzo San Niccolo.

What is Blissful Eating?

Sample award winning pizza.

Try wild boar and deep fried artichoke.

And we know where to fimd the best homemade gelato: right at the end of our street.

*We accommodate food allergies or special diet preferences from delicious gluten free pasta and pizza to vegetarian epicurean delights*

It’s Time For Bliss

You’re feeling a bit frazzled around the edges…
You’re not alone.
Your work, your family, your life
Everything feels overwhelming.
But now you’re ready to ground yourself again.
Maybe you already practice yoga and meditation.
Maybe you’re finally ready to try.
Maybe you come to this Renewal with a partner.
Maybe you come to make new friends.
Let yourself get lost on a Blissful Warrior Renewal…and find yourself.

What Are The Stories of Renewal?

Blissful Warrior Yoga Renewal 

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Revitalize Your Body.

Release Your Stress.

Renew Yourself.