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Yoga Online and on Facebook Live

Dear Yogis…

Unprecedented times call for radical self-care.
We are responding to the call.

Here are three amazing and effective ways to maintain your yoga calm and support your body, just when you need it most.

Online Classes!

For Riverflow members and experienced hot yogis only: 

40, 60, or 75 minutes of traditional hot yoga class with your favorite Riverflow teachers …online! Click here for videos from each of our amazing hot yoga teachers. Set up a small space heater, open your mat, and get ready to quiet your mind and stretch your body… it’s the next best thing to being live in our studio. 

Daily Facebook Live!

Join us on FACEBOOK LIVE for daily physical and emotional support: guided yoga, soothing meditations, posture clinics and more. 

1:1 Skype Sessions!

Contact Rhonda at 848-702-5271 to arrange Private 1:1 Hot Yoga/ Restorative Deep Yoga/Meditation, via SKYPE. Limited availability.

This crisis is chaotic, stressful, it can even feel terrifying sometimes.

Please take time to laugh. Or to cry, or whatever it is you do to take care of yourself.

Your calm head, your open heart… this is who you are.

I encourage you to go within and stay connected to the peace and confidence in your body and mind.

Stay connected to your light of human kindness and courage.

For yourself and for everyone you love, keep your body moving and keep your immune system clean with lots of water and restful sleep.

Remember that movement is medicine. Movement shifts internal tissue and opens the body’s healing channels: blood vessels, nerve endings and lymph system. It will uplift your spirits and lower your stress, both supportive to a healthy body.

Your aligned body is miraculous at taking care of itself.

We are here to help.

And if you need personal support, physical or emotional, please reach out to me directly.

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is a genius sequence of 26 yoga poses done in high heat and humidity that creates lots of sweat equity. It loosens your body for maximum flexibility; dilates your blood vessels sending oxygenated blood throughout your body; creates a deluge detox of sweat.  You’ll feel physically challenged yet more relaxed than ever.

You don’t have to know anything about yoga to do hot yoga with us; come in and be prepared to amaze yourself. 

You’re New to Hot Yoga:

Try three hot yoga classes and one Migun massage:

We offer boutique hot yoga: smaller classes for more personalized attention. A warm Migun massage bed session will warm you up for that extra stretch.

Choose 1:1 Private Hot Yoga:

Just you and your hot yoga teacher focused on exactly what you need, addressing ailments, issues, desires and results. Great for beginners. Perfect when you’re ready to move deeper.

What People Are Saying

“I recently got rear-ended in an auto accident – not hurt badly but whiplash with major headaches that kept me out of work for a week. Thank goodness I have this studio and this hot yoga practice – less than a week of hot yoga classes with Migun Massages and I was 90% better.”

Tina Azzano

“Since my hip surgery I tried everything –EVERYTHING – and hot yoga turned out to be the only thing that makes my hip feel better and better each class. The kind of detailed instructions, how closely the teachers watch over you – it’s something I have never experienced at any other yoga studio. Hot Yoga is the same 26 poses, but it’s never the same class twice here.”

Kathy Murphy

“I am really proud of all I have accomplished this year. When I got injured and had to stop running, and I just felt disconnected from my body. Hot yoga immediately brought me all the way back to feeling my active body again. It brought me out of the trauma of menopause. During my 30 Day Challenge I found my joy again. I added 1:1 Guru sessions with Rhonda, and this has enhanced my life in so many ways.”

Christabel Foster