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“I recently got into a car accident – not hurt badly but whiplash with major headaches that kept me out of work for a week. Thank goodness I have this studio and this hot yoga practice – less than a week of hot yoga classes with Migun Massages and I was 90% better.”

Tina Azzano

“I had not practiced hot yoga for close to a year – it felt like an eternity. I was not really worried as I do have my own home yoga practice, however, being in the studio is a completely different experience. During Half-Moon pose I started thinking, “How did I forget how challenging hot yoga is?” In Balancing Stick pose…OMG! Then the usual miracle happened: all external thoughts were gone and I emerged from final Savasana calm and centered and full of energy, a very special state I only experience after this hot yoga practice. That always brings me back.”

Irina Clark

“I do Guru Yoga 1:1 as well as hot yoga in the studio a total of three times a week – and I have lost 24 pounds! I am a runner and cyclist, and I want to be able to keep doing all those things as I age. The Migun bed has also been amazing for my back and hips.”

Tony Martinez


Hot Yoga Classes
Private Yoga
Migun Bed Therapy

Strong Body. Focused Mind. Calm Spirit.


Small Classes – Limited Space

Blood pumping, body sweating, mind-soothing Hot Yoga!

Small classes. Mindful instruction. Beginners welcome.

Classic Hot Yoga.


Most Popular Plan!

Personalized 1:1 Hot Yoga for beginners and advanced.

Migun Deep Therapy Bed for deep relaxation, the perfect preparation for Hot Yoga.

Guru sessions for all levels of Hot Yoga experience


Develop your inner resilience with




Transform your life with 24/7 yoga, meditation and self-empowerment, whenever you need it.


Small Classes – Lots of Space

Blood pumping, body sweating, mind-soothing Hot Yoga!

Small classes. Careful instruction. All levels (we love beginners!)

Classic Hot Yoga.


Most Popular Plan!

Personalized Hot Yoga 1:1 for beginners and advanced alike

A Yoga Guru to guide you

Migun Massage Therapy Bed for relaxation and rejuvenation


Develop inner resilience for life’s challenges



Self Empowerment.

Transform your life with virtual yoga and meditation, whenever you need it.

“At the end each day I feel wrung OUT.”

“It’s a kind of weariness that is new to me.”

Even in so-called normal times, life can feel daunting.

And lately you feel it even more.

Adding to the physical exhaustion is a constant emotional draining.

And then come the “shoulds:”

“I should get up earlier. I should get more sleep.

I should eat more fruit. I should limit my sugar.

I should be working harder. I should make more family time.”

“Shoulds” are just stress disguised as self-help.

Try treating yourself with patience and acceptance.

Let go of expecting yourself to sail along and stop thinking that it’s your fault if you don’t.

Give yourself room in every moment for being present and alive.

Yes, there are children to care for and important things to care about.

You may have work to do, or work to find.

Pause and reconnect to yourself.

Find your way, in your own time.

Find self-empowerment.

When you manage the inside, life outside becomes enjoyable again.

Welcome to Riverflow Yoga.

~ Rhonda Uretzky
Author * Teacher * Mentor
Yoga * Meditation * Lifestyle

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What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is a sequence of 26 yoga poses done in high heat and humidity that creates tons of sweat equity. It loosens your body for maximum movement; it enhances your flexibility; it dilates your blood vessels sending oxygenated blood coursing through your body; it creates a deluge of sweat detoxing.  What does it feel like? Imagine feeling both physically challenged yet more deeply relaxed than ever. How cool is that?

You’ve never done yoga? Perfect! You’ve never taken a hot yoga class? Excellent!  You’re ready to restart yoga after a million years of letting it go? Welcome! We guide you through each pose with precision and clarity. Just come ready to amaze yourself. That’s Hot.