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“My first hot yoga class I spent mostly lying down in Savasana. By Trikonasana I was convinced that I was dying. By Ustrana I KNEW I was dying…but I came back. The next class I made it through and by the third class I didn’t need to lie down. Eight years later I took Riverflow Yoga Teacher Training so now I practice and teach hot yoga… and I take half the anxiety meds. “

Paula Robinson

“I’ve spent a few decades punishing my body with workouts and travel, and a similar amount of time punishing the mind with government work. The last 8 years have been made immeasurably easier by Riverflow. Hot yoga keeps me moving and keeps me sane.”

Ian Spurlock

“I am busy – I split my time between Lambertville and New York and travel a lot for work. Riverflow is my commitment to taking care of myself. It brings back my balance so I can go out and manage my life. Sometimes when I’m on the Migun bed or in yoga session, an answer to something I’ve been working on will just pop into my head – and I think, “Oh that was easy!” I do everything at Riverflow – hot yoga, yoga deep, guru 1:1 yoga and Migun massage- and I feel like I’ve been to a spa. “

Kate Spier

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Welcome to Riverflow

Hot yoga is challenging, uplifting, empowering. Even after your very first hot yoga class, you’ll feel changes –more flexible; more relaxed; less achy; deeper sleep – and with regular hot yoga practice, these changes are here to stay. After six months, you’ll look and feel renewed, inside and out.

We think the best way to experience hot yoga is the traditional way: in small group classes or 1-to-1 direct from Guru to Student