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Our world gets busier, our phones get beepier, our attention gets more scattered and stress rages on. We don’t even realize its toll on our bodies (all those new diseases) our emotions (who hasn’t woken up in a panic) and our lives (depression? You’re not alone) Once it gets inside you stress can shake you down any time, over anything. How do you avoid getting shaken up? It's simple: you become Unshakeable. The good news: you already are. At your core, there is a part of you that NOTHING can push over the edge. How do you tap into your Unshakeability?
Picture yourself sitting, smiling, looking out into a magnificent sunset over miles of rolling hills. The air is just chilly enough to need a light jacket. The sky turns pink to violet to midnight blue in moments. Lights from the city glitter like diamonds in the River.
You got the very last spot on The Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal in Florence, Italy, October 2019. Welcome to Unshakeable. CLICK NOW -ONE LAST SPOT AVAILABLE!