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No one likes to be around negative people. But what if you're the negative person? Others may run when they see you coming, but…you can't. That critical chatter inside your head follows you everywhere. It's awful. It's relentless. And you're not even aware of it. Most of us have such a seamless stream of self-judgement, we don't realize the impact it has on our lives. It makes you tired, angry, pessimistic, even ill. It erodes your worthiness, little by little. It turns your joy into "just let me get through this day." And it's not your fault. You learned to judge yourself negatively. But you can learn to see your life through new eyes at any stage of life. With Meditation.
Meditation can gently lead you step by step in a different direction.To feel worthy, happy, fully healthy maybe for the first time ever.
Introducing Meditation for Stress at Riverflow Yoga.
Every Tuesday at 5:30PM-6:30PM starting July 9th.
Learn to change your energy. Learn to create a foundation of well-being before negativity drags you down.
Almost instantly, meditation will lower your blood pressure, ease your headaches, help you sleep. And in a very short time, meditation will make you happier with your job, your family, and most of all, yourself.
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If you've had enough of juggling stress, overwhelm and anxiety, break out from thoughts that run your life and ruin your life.
Meditation for Stress: Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm starting Tuesday 7/9. CALL OR CLICK MESSAGE TO RESERVE NOW. See you in the stress-free zone at Riverflow.