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Let’s talk about your Self. You know that self – the one that feels overworked, overwhelmed, under appreciated most of the time. You know that you can only perform well in life when you feel good your Self, yet still, we all put self care last.
If you consistently ignore self care, everything else suffers. Your job. Your relationships. Your moods. And especially, your health.
As we head into Fall, summer vacations and leisure time closing down on us, I've given a lot more thought to self care: why it's so important, and how to make it more accessible to everyone – professionals, parents, caretakers, partners, business owners, humans.
For over 40 years yoga has been the golden thread of self care that has stitched me together through everything. When I opened Riverflow Yoga in 2008 it was initially for my own self care – and then to contribute to yours. Its time to rebuild your foundation of well being on the practice of self-care.
Oct 18 we are headed to Florence Italy for the Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal of the Self. And you are invited.
Tuscany Italy… for exploring the inner landscape of self care that will transform your life, amids the beauty of Florence.
You're thinking -how can I just go to Florence with my life this busy, crazy, scheduled? Trust me :you cant not go. Because nothing is more important than finding your way to the life you deserve. Not just "getting through the day, but truly, fully living, every single day.
There is one more spot left on the Riverflow Renewal and it has your name on it. CLICK below to Register. Call me today at 848-702-5271 to celebrate.
Your self care is up to you – as if your life of happiness. Find the Blissful Warrior inside you now, and for the rest of your life. Because wouldn't it to feel good love yourself, and know that it's nothing less than you deserve… care