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In his 1915 book Worry and Nervousness, surgeon and psychiatrist William Samuel Sadler described worry as an “inability to relax the attention” once it fastened onto a fear. All people experience it, but these days more people are literally worrying themselves sick: pessimism, depression and eventually illness. Maybe world events more than justify anxiety. But worrying wont help. And a new study in the journal Behavior Therapy finds that most worries never come to fruition: 91% did not come true and for the other 9%, the outcome was not as dire as was feared. So worry doesn’t even make sense…but still 6.8 million Americans have General Anxiety Disorder. Now, one anxiety-reducing technique from the book, The Worry Cure, is to set aside a block of time each day for worrying. But I have a better idea: how about taking that same hour to give yourself a vacation from worry. Since worrying is a habit you cant just turn if off, you replace it with some other completely mind -focusing activity that will crowd out worrisome thoughts.
Like Hot Yoga.
Many yogis practice for the physical benefits – like flexibility and strength and toning and weight loss. What many do not know is that they accomplish that through choosing a smart diet choice. But even more tell me that hot yoga is their total respite from worry, an oasis in a life of To Dos and stress. How does that work?
Because unlike the gym or even other forms of yoga, your mind cant wander in hot yoga: you are guided over and over to the highly detailed instructions our teachers offer, poses by pose (you don’t have to be experienced to try hot yoga – we guide you step by step) and you find you have no room for those usual worrisome thoughts. Hot yoga will build your body in a myriad of ways – but the real boon is what it will do for your mind. And that makes it a practice in stress relief