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I’m just checking in… how YOU doin'? I'm curious what you’re up to… what are you going for these days? Life gets super busy and it's ridiculously easy to lose track of time, people, and the most important person of all: yourself.
When there’s failure of self-care and you spend ALL your time helping others at work and at home, well, the repercussions down the line are dramatic. And the fallout isn't good. Most of us this learn one the hard way…illness, weight gain, inflexibility, depression. No matter how strong we believe are are – and we ARE! – we are human. Biological responses to stress affect us body and soul. Our bodies let us know: stress illnesses like Shingles are on the rise for adults. Our emotions give us hints: anxiety, sadness and depression are rampant. These are all great reminders that its time to renew, release and restore yourself. If you're stuck for how to begin, you're not alone. Some people choose blogging, venting, joining Facebook Groups to rant – but all this only digs you in deeper into the yuck of it. Find your way back to happiness amidst the conditions of daily living with self care. One of the coolest things I’ve learned in my 45 years of teaching is that keeps yoga self-care on track.
Welcome to Riverflow Yoga
We expanded our offerings with Classic Hot Yoga, Express Hot Yoga, Music Hot Yoga, Yoga Deep, Meditation, Migun Massage morning, evening, even midnight. And if our schedule doesnt fit yours, there also 1:1 PRIVATE HOT YOGA. And you can get an INTRO SPECIAL for both
Welcome to your personal renewal. Before you know it, you'll recognize yourself again; it just takes a yoga community to bring you back to life