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I awoke in Florence! Four flights on three different airlines in three different airports … and each flight departed and arrived on time, flew smoothly, and I sat in (unassigned) window seats on every one. The airport staff were happily helpful about scanning my passport at Newark, about baggage requirements for little Helvetica Airlines in Florence, about hooking up to WiFi in Zurich.
Do you ever wonder how much of what you experience you are creating with your expectations? Life hands you baggage – if you have a bad experience you tend to think “travel is awful” or “all flights get delayed” and even if you didn’t have the experience yourself, someone who did will assure you that “all airports are a nightmare.”
So why not get out ahead of it and give yourself some new stories? All travel is easy. All journeys begin not when you arrive at your destination but the moment you decide to go. As long as you’re going, tell yourself stories about your journey, telling only about what you’d like to experience. Then relax and take the journey. Bumps may be part of it but it’s all getting you where you want to go so what does it matter in the end? Live outside your old memories of bad flights and body aches and rude people and create this life as if you have no memories. None at all. It’s your journey and Florence is waiting – so many streets to wander – create it how it will be.