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Here we are in thick of a hot, hot, HOT summer: when better to slow down and focus on some divine self care. Get the habit. Hot yoga is bones-to-skin body healing, mind-quieting and soul-soothing. There's Classic 90 Minute Hot Yoga, and when you're a bit pressed for time, 60 Minute Express Hot Yoga, all the same benefits in two-thirds the time. 75 Minute Music Hot Yoga with a soothing soundtrack. Meditation for Stress Relief, for, well, stress relief! Late Night Music Hot Yoga for those hot sleepless nights. Migun Therapy Bed for total bliss in 15 minutes. And if our schedule doesn't match yours, there's GURU 1:1 Private Hot Yoga built around you. You're a beginner? Welcome, with our BEGINNERS INTRO SPECIAL. You're making your hot yoga comeback? Welcome home with a RETURN TO HOT YOGA SPECIAL. You do you, no matter what. Self-care first, and everything else will just fall neatly into place. Here's how it works:
"Hot yoga is my oasis; I look forward to this all week! Adding the Migun Therapy Bed feels like I’m floating, like a tingling through my whole body all the way to my toes.” Phyllis Profy
“I started doing hot yoga at Riverflow to get a good sweaty workout. Then I felt calmer, my posture straightened up,I got more than I bargained for!” Denise Nardi
"I hadn’t slept all night; I was so exhausted it would have been easy to skip my Guru Hot Yoga. After the Migun my body felt relief. My headache, stomach pain and congestion … gone. I had a crazy busy day ahead and I still felt tired but it felt like my body had a path to healing' Sheryl Cardona