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Burnout…it used to be a place you visited now and again, then returned from. Now it's a way of life. How did this happen? It's a long story. It started with longer workdays. Continued with 24/7 email. Challenged you with managing your life on Instagram. Each day you're trying to complete a To Do List that literally never ends. This is burnout with a major burn; you don't fix it with a how-to book or TED talk. It infiltrates every part of your life with anxiety – work, family even yoga classes are all flattened into chores. Coming back from this takes practice. Start here: Turn off the TV. Put Facebook on PAUSE. You CAN learn to maintain your balance and, dare I say it, find your joy again.
Welcome to The Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal
Florence, Italy/October 18-25, 2019
7 days/7nights in a restored Renaissance Palazzo
2 meals daily (plus your own stocked kitchen)
Yoga and Meditation and Blissful Warrior life discussions
And Tuscany- excursions, adventures, the MANY awe-inspiring moments found in wandering museums, strolling footbridges, hearing a foreign language…time to dream, to discover what inspires you, to allow the joy back into your life and return home, renewed
Only 10 spots on this intimate journey(5 gone already!)
Step back from stress, and a step up into your life with one small easy step: CLICK BELOW or call me now at 848-702-5271 to chat. Let us welcome you to your one wild and precious life. You're ready… you always were.